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Together with Annerie Feldman, Accredited Health and Wellness Coach,Sydney, create a body image that exudes confidence and authenticity so that you can feel better, look better, and make better choices by prioritising your mental and physical health and wellness habits.

No more tear-stained pillows, self-doubt mornings and evenings of "I am not enough" or "I am not perfect"! 

Let's unleash your fabulousness! Get ready to embrace your unique beauty.

  • Are over-critical thoughts impacting your body image and confidence?  Is that really what you want?
  • Do negative thoughts ever cloud your perception of your own body? 
Confidence is key

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EMBRACE Body Confidence, EXUDE Radiance and ELEVATE Wellness

Hey Beautiful... if you're struggling with limiting beliefs, self-judgment, body image issues or could do with a confidence boost,  then let's chat! If you are tired of self-sabotage, tired of hiding in a corner, tired of saying “I wish I had…” or exhausted by empty exercise plans, fad diets and fragile excuses…. It is time to step into the RADIANT YOU - I see you and I believe in you!

My holistic wellness programs have been specifically designed to help you to unlock your wellness potential for a more confident and authentic you, by upleveling your physical fitness, prioritising your nutrition and creating mindfulness habits and manifestations to control the daily pressures of society.

Let's prioritise self-care and take back control of your body, mind and wellness today!

  • Mind

  • Body

  • Soul

Soul - Time to find your shimmering soul purpose!

Radiate Body Image Bliss: Embrace Gratitude and Mindfulness. Nourish Your Soul with Nature, Meditation and Self-Care. The soul is strongly associated with our inner essence or core self and authenticity that plays a vital role in body image improvement. Recognising your soul's purpose beyond appearances can bring meaning to your life. This sense of purpose can lessen the emphasis on external appearance and elevate self-worth.

"Let’s ditch the mental gremlins of blame, fear, anger, sadness, and grief our own bodies hold, and step into our shimmering bodies! I shine! You shine babes! Now is the time to restore your body inside and out to that higher self!!  Together we will uncover the obstacles and create crystal clear clarity to drive your results!"  Annerie x

Your Cheerleader!

I'm Annerie, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way as your Accredited Health and Wellness Coach, certified through the prestigious Wellness Coaching Australia.

I'm dedicated to helping gals create positive change and rise above self-limiting beliefs for a brighter-than-ever wellness journey!  

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Don’t just do life, let your wellness thrive!

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„ Working with Annerie has been the most incredible experience for me. Not only is she a sincere listener and a brilliant problem solver, she also always conducts herself in the most professional yet caring manner.
She is detail-oriented, thorough and always gets the best results out of everyone she works with. She is so passionate about what she does and always gives 110% of herself.
Together we built dreams, set goals and smashed those goals... And above all, I found ‘my person’ in life who just gets me. "


Radiant Vibes

When life gets busy

June 16, 2023

Why are you procrastinating?

June 16, 2023


Client Love


Working alongside Annerie generated opportunities for us to collaborate and achieve our goals!

Annerie is a very passionate and competent person and a great person to have on your side.



Connection is very important to me and I have built a good trust and friendship with my coach. I have decided to adopt Annerie as my personal life coach, to keep me accountable and on track for my long-term goals.


Discover your radiant body image!

When Mind, Body and Spirit align great things happen in your life.

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