BOSS Your Lifestyle

The most superb mind-body-soul wellness program to IGNITE Body Love, IGNITE Self-Love, IGNITE Radiant Health and Wellness!

Welcome to this 10–12-week holistic wellness program to:

Embrace Body Confidence, Exude Radiance and Elevate Wellness

 Through fitness, nutrition, mindset and meditation create a lasting transformation, cultivate serenity and empower yourself with CONFIDENCEBALANCE and BEAUTY!




Manifest the body, zest and life to take you places!

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Goal-setting that'll blow your mind:

Here's the deal: we're all about setting goals that'll blow your mind. We're not just talking about physical fitness here. We want to help you cultivate habits that ignite your soul and elevate your entire being. From meditation and mindfulness practices to kick-ass fitness routines and nourishing nutrition, we've got you covered.

Limiting beliefs kicked to the curb:

But hold up, we're not stopping there. We're diving deep into the realm of manifestation and kicking limiting beliefs to the curb. It's time to rewrite the story you've been telling yourself. We will also teach you the power of manifestation so you can tap into your full potential to create the health and wellness you truly desire. 

Create a body and life you adore. Feel fabulous!

What they say...

Working with Annerie has been the most incredible experience for me.

Not only is she a sincere listener and a brilliant problem solver, but she also always conducts herself in the most professional yet caring manner. She is detail-oriented, thorough and always gets the best results out of everyone she works with. She is so passionate about what she does and always gives 110% of herself. Together we built dreams, set goals and smashed those goals

 …. And above all, I found ‘my person’ in life who just gets me.


I have been blessed and I am beyond grateful to have done life coaching with Annerie. She has supported me in creating a perfect balance between work, exercise and meaningful time with my beautiful family.

I've learnt to make time for myself & grow within myself and manage my time better. Most important, to also appreciate my health and treat my body with respect and feed it with healthy options. Annerie had a natural gift of caring, listening and creating a better you! It was great to have her guiding me through my journey and even having some fun along the way!



BOSS Your Lifestyle: Fuel your power, achieve your dreams

Elevate your life, exude your confidence and radiate wellness to create the body image that will help you live your dreams! This is for you if you want to:

  • Gain unstoppable body confidence
  • Discover powerful techniques to cultivate a positive body image to feel good in your own skin 
  • Instil wellness body habits  (self-care, fitness, nutrition, mindset and meditation)
  • Unleash your full potential
  • Cultivate self-love and self-care
  • Use tools to create a dance party of positivity in your mind, where confidence grooves with your body, celebrating every curve, stretch mark, and freckle as badges of beauty.
  • Create the body love that makes you shimmy, shake, and shine your energy to wellness, becoming the "I'm unstoppable!" Let's do this, Empress!!



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Are you tired of:

Body Battles and negativity...

Body battles with a negative body image and confidence rushes from low self-esteem?

Wearing fake masks...

Wearing fake masks and hiding behind a façade? Is it time to break free from the chains of living a life that is not you?

Overwhelm overload...

Is life spiralling out of control, is stress through the roof? It's time to wrangle that overwhelm and bring order to the chaos.

Being lost in limbo...

Are you wandering aimlessly, lacking direction, and feeling stuck in a fog of confusion.

Unhealthy habits

Are you tired of feeling sluggish and neglecting your fitness and nutrition? 

Saying "yes" to everything...

and everyone, leaving no time or energy for yourself?  Is it time to reclaim your time and sanity?

Major meltdowns...

The fire within has flickered out, and self-care is buried under your pile of obligations.

Goal setting gone wrong...

Your goals are fuzzy, ineffective, and gathering dust on the shelf. It's time to crush it with laser-focused goal setting that turns dreams into reality.

Mindfulness MIA...

Are racing thoughts, stress, and a lack of living in the moment getting you down?

Hey girl, feel fab in own skin, toss self-doubt and unleash your inner badass!   Get ready to BOSS Your Lifestyle and transform your life with us. Let's do this!

Lady with cap and flowers in her hair

Level up your health and wellness for a wildly abundant life!

This 10-week holistic wellness program is for you if you would like to prioritise the VIP in you!

At the end of this program, you will:


Ignite Unstoppable Confidence Through Authenticity in Your Body.

You will embody an unstoppable force, radiating unwavering confidence in every aspect of your life. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to a newfound belief in your abilities. Get ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.


Harness the transformative power of meditation to break barriers, nurture your body, and manifest your desires. 

It's time to shatter the chains of shame, fear and embrace change. Practice mindfulness and experience a life filled with abundance, joy, and fulfilment. 

Fitness Habits

Embrace Body Wellness Habits for a Vibrant, Thriving Life.

Health and wellness are the foundation of a fulfilling life. This program is laser-focused on transforming your lifestyle habits. Say goodbye to sluggishness and hello to vibrant energy.

Prioritise your:

  • Exercise routines
  • Optimise your nutrition
  • Stress Management like a pro and reclaim control over your life.
  • Rejuvenate sleep routines so it becomes your secret weapon for peak performance.
  • Organise your life with efficiency and watch as you effortlessly tackle every challenge that comes your way.

Self Care

Embrace Self-Acceptance and Body Love

Is it time to break free from the chains holding you back from radiating the confidence you want to live with?

 Discover your true passions, set powerful goals, embrace your uniqueness, let your personality shine, and show the world the real you. 

The Authentic You

Get ready to shine beautiful Wellness coaching can help you explore your true self and embrace your unique qualities and strengths.

By expressing yourself authentically, you can enhance self-acceptance, boost confidence, and experience greater fulfilment in life. Together we will explore your true self and embrace your unique qualities and strengths. These can be related to your physical or emotional journey!

The Power of Vision Creation

Increase motivation, focus, and fulfilment in your life reach those DREAMS.

Build a vision for your kickass future and setting your own rock-solid goals that get you pumped up and ready to crush 'em. YOU are the creator of your own life. It is time to prioritise healing from emotional shaming and judgement of who you are who what you/others think your body image should be.

Setting and manifesting a clear vision and goals can be lonely and daunting. We'll break 'em down into bite-sized chunks, my girlfriend - by addressing these tasks/dreams effectively, you can reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve your overall sense of well-being.

Nailing those Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Strong has never been wrong.

Work towards the new you to exude the confidence and authenticity you are meant to radiate. I’ve got you covered, by providing guidance and accountability to help you develop and maintain those healthy habits.

Adopting healthy lifestyle habits such as:

Prioritise your:

-Exercise routines
-Optimise your nutrition
-Stress Management like a pro and reclaim control over your life.
-Rejuvenate sleep routines so it becomes your secret weapon for peak performance.
-Organise your life with efficiency and watch as you effortlessly tackle every challenge that comes your way.

Fear of Change

Overcome limiting thoughts and fear of taking risks, increase your resilience!

Conquering those scary new horizons, smashing through comfort zones, and embracing change like an empress so that you can boss your fear and resistance. You can have a healthy body and healthy mind which will increase your personal growth and improve your overall well-being.


Staying zen in this crazy world – create your own inner calm, improve your focus and reduce stress.

Taming those racing thoughts and rockin' mindfulness like a pro through mindfulness techniques and strategies we will explore together.


Your measuring tape for tough days…

PERMA as presented by Martin Seligman stands for Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment. It is a well-being theory that highlights these elements as essential for a flourishing life.

Expectations and Boundaries

Ditch perfectionism and stop being a people pleaser!

Ditching perfectionism by slaying the pressure from yourself and others, mastering the art of setting healthy boundaries. By having preventative strategies, you will reduce your stress, improving your self-esteem, and fostering healthier relationships. No more slavery to the worlds view of what your body should look like. You don't need to be held captive by these false beliefs.



Improve self-image, approach life with a positive mindset, and smash your goals!

Boosting your swagger, squashing self-doubt, and building unshakeable confidence that radiates from within by identifying and building on your strengths. You are enough and you deserve those great relationships for you really are. You have the potential to reach the dreams you want to turn into a reality.


Self Care

Essential for maintaining wellness and preventing burnout! You can reduce stress, feel in control mentally and physically, increase productivity.

Take control of your chaotic schedule, slaying the time-management game, and becoming an organisation ninja, by creating more time for self-care and activities that bring you joy.

Ignite that fire within, keeping your motivation on full blast, and make self-care a non-negotiable priority. This a great tool to help you recharge, maintain balance, and prevent burnout.

Celebration and Motivation

Creating positivity to navigate life in a seamless way!

Recognising and celebrating achievements, both big and small, will keep you motivated and contribute to vibes that will drive you forward.

Don't settle for a life that falls short of your dreams. So, girl, get ready to unleash your true potential, overcome those challenges, and become the ultimate badass version of yourself. It's time to rise up, conquer, and embrace the extraordinary life you were meant to live!"  Get ready to become the authentic, confident, and successful individual you were born to be.

Let's ignite your inner fire, kick those challenges to the curb, and create a life that's extraordinary in every damn way


Meet Your Cheerleader!

Hi, I am Annerie. Together let's create a  body image you love and level up your lifestyle habits (fitness, nutrition, meditation, mindset) for stepping into the authentic you!  

I'm an Accredited Health and Wellness Coach with Wellness Coaching Australia. With over two decades of experience in the training, consulting and development arena, and working in wellbeing in the education sector.  I'm dedicated to helping you create positive change to achieve your goals.   

Don't just do life, thrive! 

Step into a body-loving, abundant life, full of energy and good vibes...

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